The Art Of Decorating

Posted by Rita Horton on

Wow sounds pretty intimidating and serious ...The Art of Decorating! And to be perfectly honest, the only "artistic" part for me is... finding what I love and want to live with. So, here's some tips I follow and maybe they will help you as well. First, steer away from fades..especially on major purchases. Secondly, if I don't find it the first go round keep looking because eventualIy I do. Lastly, buy only what you absolutely love and cannot live without. Wait a minute. I said that, but it bears repeating.

We've all heard the saying your home should be a reflection of you, right? All of my friends say that about my home. I'm a collector/finder and I love mixing vintage pieces with new pieces. So, don't worry if your home doesn't mimic your neighbor, friend or your favorite magazine. In fact, it probably shouldn't because we're different. We may be attracted to certain styles, a particular color palette and even furnishings, but your home doesn't have to look like mine, a friend, neighbor or an image in your favorite magazine. Why? Because you are uniquely you and I am uniquely me and both of our homes are "House Beautiful". 





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