Grateful and Blessed

Posted by Rita Horton on

As the new kid on the block (as the old saying goes) to the wedding rental business I am happy to say it's been a good year 2018. Not only have I serviced a handful of brides but I was a part of a local collaboration stylized shoot at La Arboleda Wedding Venue with wedding photographer Danielle Honea and eleven other talented vendors. I had a pop up shop in my local community Lompoc Old Town Market this summer. And, I'm grateful to be featured in a local floral shop Bella Florist.

I've certainly learned something everyday and been fortunate to meet many helpful people along the way. The hardest part for me was getting a website and business logo. I'm thankful to my daughter Ryan of The Blooming Thread for designing and doing all the technical stuff. And, to my husband Tom who designed my logo for me. Both of these can cost money that I frankly didn't have but didn't need because expert help was right in my family.

So, where do I go from here you ask? And what are my biggest challenges I see for my business? Well, to be perfectly honest, it's meeting new people and feeling more confident in myself. I'm a finder and have no problems with that but now some of the things I need are bigger than that which require more money. However, I'm optimistic and won't stop no matter how scary it seems at times...I will keep moving forward.









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