A Weekend of Thrifting

Posted by Rita Horton on

What do you mostly look forward to doing on the weekend? Some might choose to catch up on some extra sleep after a long work week. Other choices may be shopping, gardening or some uninterrupted leisure time at their favorite coffee shop. My personal choice is always thrift store shopping for treasures. In fact, if it were possible I'd go all 7 days a week and I probably would find some great pieces, too. I can absolutely say without any reservations that "thrifting" is my most favorite pastime of all. And, the best partner I have to shop with is my hubby.

So, I'm sharing the treasures I hunted and found this past weekend. And, to top it all off, I only spent one hundred dollars. Yep, pretty unbelievable but if you know where to go, how to bargain, and with some luck it can also happen to you. 







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