A Summer Highlight

Posted by Rita Horton on

One of the highlights of this summer was meeting and chatting with Steve Moore of Sinclair and Moore. He's known the world over as a top wedding planner and designer extraodinare. And he has followers galore, recognized by Martha Stewart, VOGUE and Harper Bazaar as a top wedding planner and the list goes on and on. But I feel comfortable in saying that Steve's top picks would be he's a husband and a father. I met Steve at Grace Rose Farm in beautiful Santa Ynez. He, alongside others, were arranging flowers in a white barn for a beautiful wedding the next day. My first impressions of him without ever meeting him before was that he was down to earth, genuine and friendly. And, I was right!

Upon entering the premises we passed through the first security gate and then we were met by Steve with a big smile. I waved and smiled back with the excitement of a giddy admirer. When we parked and exited our vehicle I extended my hand to shake but instead he offered to give me a hug. I really was quite nervous but tried to act as normal as possible. So, after talking about many things it was time to leave. As we walked back to the barn Grace and Steve gave me a gift of two buckets of beautiful white roses.

But, of course, I left that day with so much more. I met a friend, someone I admired, and learned from through his many tutorials and wedding stories. Thank you Grace and Steve...the pleasure of meeting you both was all mine. 









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